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We haven't watched the sun set on the ocean since we were in the Marshall Islands. There have been so many changes in our life since that time, it's almost strange how few years have passed since then. And now we live here on the pacific, getting familiar with the cities that line its coast and watching the sun set on it in the evenings. Already I have too much sun on my shoulders and the backs of my legs. 

We can see the ocean from our street as we walk to it. We carry quilts, books, sweaters, and dinner. I think it is good for us that even after being transplanted to such a faraway place from any other we've known, we are still near the ocean. The smells and sounds of it are so familiar to us, sandy feet and salt on our arms make us feel at home.

p.s. My mom recently texted me "Home is where your husband is." Made me smile. 


AgentOutlaw said...

Dear Chloe'...

Having watched you grow up, it is a true blessing to know that even though you are far away, you are happy, and with the one you love. We do miss you, but are thankful that you have a loving husband to share your life with!

Thank you for sharing bits of your lives with us... it helps take the sting out of the distance between us. Gotta go... my eyes are starting to get "sweaty"!

Love you...


nancy said...

I love this :) beautiful photos (and beautiful words)

janis said...

glad you two are together again! :) love the look of this a lot.

Cait said...

love the text from your mom. gahh that lady... i just love her.

gorgeous photos, as would be expected from you :)

becca said...

love that quote! so happy you guys are together again.

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