paradise (jeff's island)

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I love this place so so much. I mentioned that Jeff and I flew out to the Marshall Islands over the summer of my eighteenth birthday (to visit his parents who were still living there at the time). I call Kwajalein "Jeff's Island" because he lived there from junior high until college (what? how lucky is he?). Kwajalein is a tiny little island that is a completely different world than anywhere else I can imagine.

Vehicles are bikes. Leisurely afternoon activities include shark watching, snorkeling, sea turtle petting, or finding the biggest hill to ride down. The teensy grocery store is called surfway instead of safeway. Spam is sold in the vending machines. Cell phones don't work and aren't missed. Picnics and night swimming are regular occurrences.  The sunsets are spectacular. So are the stars. There is an outdoor theater that plays movies for free. The beaches are small and never crowded. When it rains, everyone just wears rain suits over their clothes and bikes wherever they need to go. Everything is so simple, and so perfect.

If Jeff lands a job out there we will be the happiest people in the world.


Jenna said...

oh my goodness, that is beautiful! Where are Marshall Islands? That sea turtle!!

Faith said...

If you and Jeff move out there, Josh and I may have to visit you. :)

demetria provatas said...

this is the most glorious beautiful post i've ever seen.

let's all go there as soon as possible yes, yes, yes?

Chloé said...

Jenna, they are about half way in between hawaii and australia. You have to look pretty closely to see them on a globe.

Faith and Demetria, if only visiting there were an easy thing! You have to be sponsored by someone who lives there and it costs about a bajillion dollars for a plane ticket. :(

Nell said...

Now I want to go on holiday. So beautiful x

Sara L. said...

Looks so beautiful!!
I never have been able to ride a bike with no hands. lol.

Kay Heritage said...

Wow, what a place! So beautiful!

Charlotte said...

I want to go. Can I? Now? Please? Pretty please?

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