all is well

I have reached the west coast and am in California with my favorite person. 

IMG 8245


For anyone who told me there wouldn't be much fall in southern california, I must tell you that it is autumn in my mind when I can wear a sweater on my beach picnic, when I hear my neighbor outside say "oh shoot I need to get my jacket," and when windows are open all hours of the day and night. There may not be much changing color - palm trees are happy being green after all - but there is something in the air that is fresh and crisp and quite different than summer.

The ocean is freezing and yet people of all ages still manage to put their entire bodies into the water. I need to get used to this. Swimming will not become something of the past simply because I am used to the bath water of the east.

Rain is virtually nonexistent. When clouds come it is a nice respite for people who expect afternoon showers all summer. Sixty percent chance today.


I am searching for a place to get my film developed. More pictures soon. xo 


Kelton said...

i know we are in quite different states/climates but welcome to the west coast nonetheless :)

Alison said...

I am a naturally cold person and am impressed with anyone who can get into an outdoor body of water in any month beside autumn. Also, you're writing is always beautiful and simple.

Lilly Grace said...

:) This makes me happy!

Love you!

Erin Rogers said...

Good luck in Cali!

Cait said...

So happy for you & cannot wait to see the great things that God unfolds for you in this new chapter!!

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