Lauren's wedding








We made a portion of this wedding with our two sets of hands. I like seeing the details that we worked on at Lauren's kitchen table now in photos from the day. It was so good to stand by my sister as Nathan looked in her eyes and make her promises.   

For me, this wedding day was also the finale of my month apart from Jeff. The end of my nomadism. There were many reasons to feel happy.


Lucent Imagery said...

Just beautiful. I adore your mum's text re: home. So true. How wonderful to be reunited with your partner in life again. And to enjoy your new adventures on the west coast.

benilhalk said...

Woah! Beautiful post! I really liked the color the bridesmaids are wearing. I can suggest this color to my best friend. Her sister is getting married next month in one of the San Francisco venues and we all are very excited about it. I really liked the pictures a lot. Congratulations to the couple.

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