leah's first roll

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Asheville film

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This weekend on film.

Leah finished shooting her first roll of film while we were visiting Asheville this weekend. With all the school I've been busy with, it was as good as ever to have a mom to make homemade biscuits for breakfast again, a dad to give me bedtime back scratches again, and a sister to be silly with again.


paddle to shore said...

beautiful! I love the first picture! xo

Faith said...

These photos are stunning, especially in black and white. Leah has a photographer's eye!

janis said...

that last picture is just amazing. you are so pretty!

becca said...

aw, she's doing an amazing job with her photos. these are gorgeous!

Apricots+Silk said...

So sweet. I love these black and white photos. Sounds like an ideal weekend.

Aslyn said...

What kind of film/camera did she use? These are great!

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