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Jeff got a new bike and started riding to work* (!!!) We spontaneously/accidentally went on a ten mile bike ride as soon as he got it put together. I have decided it's my very favorite form of excercise. Makes me miss these days.

I've been eating a lot of yogurt and drinking a lot of iced lattes. I made some frozen yogurt pops with plain yogurt, mixed berries, and simple syrup (frozen in a mason jar with a spoon). My favorite thing for breakfast this week: yogurt topped with granola and honey, gala apple with peanut butter and honey, + iced vanilla latte.

I am helping out with a girl's camp at church and we make lots of crafts. Some of the kids call me "Miss Chlo√©" which is weird to me but very cute. Anxious-excited to start art education next week!


*Do you see him in the third picture?


Sonja said...

Mmm lots of deliciousness.
Art education sounds like SUCH a great choice! I just read your art-education post, and seriously I think it's great that you took a year off to decide what you'd REALLY like to do. I'm sure it'll be amazing! :o)

Becca said...

I see him!

it's so great that jeff can bike to work :)

Faith said...

This past weekend, Josh and I went on a bike ride through downtown Chicago. I hadn't even touched a bike since I was 11, and I was terrified at first! It was great, and now I know why my husband loves biking so much. :) You will be a great art teacher, Chloe!

[anna] said...

i loveee all your bike shots on the blog! and your apartment is adorable. pretty pretty!

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