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After playing with kids, doing crafts, and getting last-minute-stressful-school-things sorted out last week, I needed a break. I had forgotten what it was like to have a busy week and really need the weekend (but no longer...I start school TODAY).

We started with a Friday night bike ride all over downtown and around the pretty, picturesque squares. On Saturday, we made a huge breakfast for two, scouted craigslist furniture, watched movies. After church on Sunday, friends came over to borrow my sewing machine and brought strawberries and chocolate as a thank-you. We melted, dipped, and ate them all within minutes. Nilla wafers and popcorn made their way into the chocolate as well.

The weekend was drizzly, which makes for the most wonderful cool nighttime walks - weather so perfect you (I) want to cry.


nikaela marie said...

i(you) want to cry.
this all sounds so lovely.
excited for you and starting school!!


Becca said...

I'm happy you got a restful weekend before school begins!
that is going to be exciting, too. I hope it's wonderful.

p.s. we ought to get together this week, if you're back in savannah....

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