the beach house

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Jeff and I met my family at my grandparent's beach house last week. We ate delicious granddaddy-prepared-breakfasts and multiple watermelons. We played beach volleyball and swam in the canal. We danced in the dark and played a ridiculous amount of four-square. I want to live like that all the time. I can't wait to go back.

Also squeezed into our trip: eastern nc bbq with my dad's family in the town I grew up in; lunch at a favorite pizza place; catching up with a sweet, old family friend, and a trip to my grandma's house where we spied on newborn kittens and ate her good cookin'.


1. applying spf liberally  2. yard dancing  3. net casting  4. sunset  5. leah on the stairs   6. pulled pork tacos courtesy of lauren + nathan  7. leaving (detour/lost/middle of nowhere)


Bri said...

looks like the perfect family trip! love your photos :)

Sonja said...

Awww! That sounds so relaxing and delicious and just plain awesome!
So fun!

nikaela marie said...

FUNNNN!!! i love everything about this!! makes me wanna come to your part of the world again...

Becca said...

oh my goodness, so fun!

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