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January is promising me that things will become routine, and our life here will feel whole and full soon. 

We got year passes to the zoo so we can go whenever we want. I think of this as a good investment for us. So many animals to see and it never gets old because they do different crazy things every day. 

The view of the sun from the giant pier that is a short walk from our house…this will never get old either. I could watch the sun and the sea there in any weather, at any time of day. It's a magical place.

One favorite daily ritual: My coffee sometimes gets cold before I finish it. There is about a third of a mug left some mornings. When that happens I add a drizzle of maple syrup, a few ice cubes, and top it with milk. It is the most deliciously easy iced coffee.

Happy long weekend! We're gonna explore. And maybe go to the zoo again. xo


p.s. photo credit to Jeff for taking 90% of these.


janis said...

you are so pretty!

nikaela marie said...

i love this. i am envious of your ocean. we are dreaming lots about our trip to you in november.

Cait said...

Love this. xo

becca said...

so envious of your zoo passes!
that's my favorite. animals do the craziest things.

Faith said...

Josh always, always leaves his coffee mug with about a third left! I should commandeer it next time and try your iced coffee! :) Hope that you and Jeff are doing well.

Kelton said...

wish we had a zoo in montana! and i'd say exploring is probably the best thing to do on a long weekend.

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