iron mountain trailhead

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Our weekend included a spontaneous hiking trip after church that ended with a ridiculous sunset view over both mountains and ocean followed by burritos and beer. Hiking in the desert is a much different sport than hiking through forests laid with moss and mushrooms. The sun was hot on the way to the top but there were spots between the rocks that shot out cold air. On the way down when the temperature dropped and the sun fell the cold spots felt just like when you swim in the ocean and you come upon a part deep in the water that hasn't been beaten by the sun. It was breathtaking and invigorating and made me feel like a Californian.


Kelton said...

just beautiful. that looks like an amazing hike.

becca said...

crazy cool hiking experience.
I love this!
you're such a californian.

Ana Cooks said...

Have i told i'm an huge fan of your shots???

chloƩ said...

@Ana Thank you :)

lo said...

breathtaking indeed, beautifully captured.

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