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Two pregnant friends in winter means brainstorming, gathering supplies, and putting them together to make tiny, soft, and warm things by hand. For a Canadian baby, a hand stitched quilt and matching hat + mitts for staying cozy in negative temperatures. For a Californian baby, a pair of teensy boots lined with fleece. 

I almost forgot to share these special projects because they were being kept secret until delivered to my mama friends. I had so much fun making these tiny things, bent over my sewing machine or curled up on the couch with needle and yarn. On the lookout for more pregnant women now! 


AgentOutlaw said...

Great job! What nice gifts! Love to see your creativity!

Mom & Dad

nancy said...

Those little boots are just too cute!

Faith said...

ChloƩ, you are so crafty!!! These projects turned out beautifully!

nikaela marie said...

how did i forget to comment here?! your gifts to ives are some of the most treasured I have ever received. love love love.

Kelton said...

those gifts are so darling. especially the mits. I've been doing a lot of knitting lately too.

Jenny said...

Hi Chloe, I've just found your blog & I love it! I had to comment when I saw the tiny booties you made - they are adorable! As are the quilt, and the mittens&hat set too! You are talented x

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