She's 50 today and she doesn't look it. She has gardening muscles and a humble and sweet spirit. She's a good woman and a good mama. She is a good parallel parker. When I was younger, she taught my sisters and me around the house, the kitchen, and the garden. It's hard being far away from her because I know we'd have such fun being in the same city. We're a lot alike and can talk and talk or cook or knit or read or sew or hike or sip coffee or whatever together all day. It was fun being a little girl in her care but it's great being a sort of grown up with her too. And I'm happy it's her birthday today. Because she deserves celebration.


AgentOutlaw said...

That was a very sweet tribute to your mom! She does love you girls... as do I!!! Your mom really began to bloom and glow when she grew closer to the Lord in her faith, and when she became a mom. She's a babe. If she were President, she'd be Babe'raham Lincoln!

: )


Sus said...

She looks amazing. Happy birthday :)

becca said...

happy (way belated) birthday to your sweet pretty mama!

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