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We are slowly collecting furniture for our space. Right now the floors and walls are almost empty since our temporarily furnished apartment is now void of things that don't belong to us. The sweet people we're renting from moved all their things out today and the slate is blank. I kind of like it this way for the moment since it is an exciting feeling of what is to come. I know it will feel homey soon and can't wait for it. But not having chairs or a sofa yet means eating on the bed or the floor or on top of the table. It just makes me feel young to not have these things. Like we're justa coupla kids. It's fun. 

I made banana bread this week while Jeff was out of town. Seems to be an unintentional tradition I've started of having lots of bananas when he's away since he hates them. I used this recipe for this avocanana bread with an avocado in it instead of butter and I made some neighbors and friends try it. It's really good. Use less sugar than the recipe calls for if you want more of a bread than a cake. Eat it with coffee in the morning and as an afternoon snack.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. xo


Lauren said...

I cannot wait to try the avocanna bread recipe! I will take your advice on the sugar measure. It is so much fun decorating and redecorating. I can't wait to hear and see how it all comes together. I spy an ikea hanging planter. Love and miss you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Yo' Sista'

Lucent Imagery said...

I too adore that feeling of a near-empty apartment with just the essentials to get by, before you nest in it. It's like staying in a hotel on your travels where life is simplified to just the day-to-day essentials.

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