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I've become an elf in the past couple of weeks. I made the star on our tree, Christmas cards, peppermint mochas, bread, pom poms, and other knitted goodies. There are a few secret surprise gifts I wish I could post here but I have to wait.

It has rained here off and on for a few days and I have been cozied up inside for the most part with sniffles watching Christmas movies while I make. I am getting used to the idea that Christmas this year will not be spent laying around while my mom and grandparents do all the feeding and taking care of everyone. We will have a California Christmas. Presents will be mailed instead of handed. It's a little bit exciting and a little bit sad. 

This weekend we held candles and sang Christmas songs and listened to the Christmas story read under twinkly lights in a park outside with new friends. We had free chili and cornbread after church. We went to a couple of Christmasy parties. It didn't feel like Christmas very much in the beginning of December, but now it is all around. 


nikaela marie said...

I love you.

nancy said...

Great photos! I'm glad you're feeling so festive and Christmasy :)

Faith said...

I'm glad that you guys are feeling settled in California! This will be our first Christmas away from NC/family, too. I totally agree, "It's a little bit exciting and a little bit sad." Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

AgentOutlaw said...


So happy for you two - to be able to enjoy the Christmas season together on your new adventure even though its so far away (from us!).

I wish so much that we could hop a plane and be there with you (or vice versa).

Gotta go... my eyes are getting sweaty!

Love you,

becca said...

Miss you guys! I hope it's such a happy, though different, kind of Christmas, and that you guys keep cozy and nice and not too sniffley.

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