fall list



spring cleaning in october
night-time car rides along the beach
furniture hunting/yard sale attending
buying plants at the mid-week farmer's market
finding new thrift stores 
visiting churches and meeting new people
reading on the beach
finding sand dollars
feeling the breeze come in through the windows
sipping coffee and reading in the mornings 

I would like to be able to tell you that I have been sewing up a storm and creating lots of things with my hands. Alas, I have not yet bought a sewing machine. Or a table to put one on for that matter. The above have been keeping me busy, but I can't help that I just want to have everything together and a little space in this new home set up for me to make things. It is a slow going process to put together a home and for someone with as little patience as I, it is a lesson. The list is for me, really, or anyone who needs reminding that, when written down, sometimes what we spend our time doing looks better than we realize when we are doing it. And I am thankful.


becca said...

I love that last sentence so much that I wrote it down. your life sounds nice. sometimes those housey things take so much more than I have in me, you know? good luck!

Green Tree Boutique said...

Love the last thought. :)

Alison said...

As long as I'm happy at the end of it, I find that I rarely regret how I've spent my time, even if it's not as I planned.

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