cypress gardens







On my birthday we went to the magical swamp land known as Cypress Gardens. I loved it even through the sweat. Rowing through lilly pads and under bridges, surrounded by trees and their shadows, was the best way to spend a birthday. No aligators were spotted until on the drive back to Charleston, which is okay by me.

We began the day with eggs, grits, housemade sausage, sunflower toast, and good coffee here and ended it with pasta, pizza, and prosecco here (and then here for after dinner coffee). If every day were as nice as this day was, I'd die.


Anonymous said...

sounds absolutely lovely. happy belated birthday.

Cait said...

ahh perfection. and your dress is adorable. happy belated birthday, love!

nikaela marie said...

i can't believe I never commented on this! I have come back to look more than once.

you are so beautiful - you put the swamp to shame. sounds like the perfect birthday.


another feather said...

what a perfect birthday, it sounds exactly as it should. you are so beautiful!
i've been wanting to come to these gardens! perhaps when I am in charleston in August (though I might die from the humidity..heh)

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