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I grew up in my mom's garden. Honeysuckle, onion grass, and dirt are the aromas of my childhood. I still love to hang out in the yard with my mom, still barefoot but now with coffee, while she points to different plants and a little bit of the conversation goes over my head but I listen anyway because I want to know all of it. I want to be in the club where they speak garden lingo. I want sliced tomatoes with my dinner that I plucked fresh five minutes ago. Sprinkled with the basil I grew from seed. I want to swap freshly picked bouqets with my mother regularly. I want gardening muscles.

Plants that have not survived in my potted stoop "garden" I blame on the curse that is Savannah humidity. That may not be fair to Savannah but one day I think I will have some ground to grow things, and I pray those things look like what's in my mom's* garden.

*and my grandma's...after all that's where my mom gets it.


Cait said...

gardening muscles... i love it.

Milynn luong said...

Your mom has such a lovely garden! My parents both garden in our backyard, and even though it looks like a jungle back there with so many flowers and fruits and veggies I love it for all it is. All the hard work they both put into growing it all, I can only hope that I can learn from them for my own garden!

Anna said...

What a beautiful little place. My mother is a garden fanatic!

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