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2012 07 19 at 16 38 01

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2012 07 24 at 19 20 44

Been trying to soak up this city lately. It's easy for me to forget to just be. To remember that whatever I am looking forward to or worrying about will come and go like everything else and that the very best way to spend my time is doing what I know makes me happy. I wish it were easy for me and didn't require a reminder, but sometimes that is the only way to clear the fog. So I will go on a walk, breath deep, cook in my kitchen, peek at the neighbor's stoop garden, have my coffee outside...there are countless ways to remedy this.


nikaela marie said...

my heart just burst with missing you.

Talia Jensen said...

wow that photo of you from behind all blurry is so beautiful! how did you get that effect?

chloƩ said...

talia, thanks!! it is actually straight from my camera (olympus e-p2) but with a wide angle lens found in my sisters camera bag that happened to fit.

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