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We spent a perfect week at my family's beach house last week. I don't want to ruin it with words, but the feeling I have when my existense consists of swimming, letting the sun beat on me, reading on a porch swing, being fed, playing with my sister's dog, taking outdoor showers, and going on walks or bike rides - all with people I love - is the BEST FEELING there is. I want to live on the beach forever, surrounded by everyone close to me.


Anonymous said...

good grief how are you not more popular?! your photography is so relaxing and peaceful. i just love it!

janis said...

wow... it's so pretty! Love that huge porch. sounds like a gorgeous time!

Faith said...

I like Jeff's towel-scarf. Haha. Looks like such a relaxing time!

chloƩ said...

Candace, Ha! Thank you. That's very sweet. xo

becca said...

so pretty.

and I love how you worded- or didn't word- that feeling. completely summer, and perfect, and something I don't want to grow up and lose, ever.

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