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I made this little book of seasons for my final project in my Intro to Craft class.

I transferred some photos of mine onto fabric (which was really fun and the first time I had ever done that). The Spring photo is of some tulips in a Savannah square. The Summer photo is of Jeff swimming. The Autumn photo is of a bright red tree on a Savannah sidewalk. The Winter photo is of my pretty parents playing in the snow in the 90s. The front and back covers were done around 3am the morning before it was due while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Right now the book sits on our mantle becauese, well, I like it :)


demetriaprovatas said...

how hasn't this gotten any comments?! i love it so much i bet it looks so cute on your mantle. i think around last time this year we were sledding together! i miss it!

Ballad of Seasons said...

aww, these are so cute! :)

Ballad of Seasons

nikaela marie said...

this is awesome and pretty!

did you get A+!?? if you didn't, direct me to your professor, i'd like a word:)


Scout said...

I guess I'm showing up a little bit late, but...These are so adorable! I bet you could make and sell these. I mean, I would totally buy them! Let me know when your shop opens ;)

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