deep blue sea

2008 06 22 at 15 47 38

2008 06 22 at 15 47 47

2008 06 22 at 15 48 11

Trying to come up with a sketch for a painting assignment inspired by this place. This is very hard because 1) I don't paint. and 2) All I can do is look at the pictures and miss it.

*Pictures of Jeff swimming out to rescue my chapstick. I was sitting on a rock giggling.


Lilly Grace said...

Beautiful "CHLO"!!! ;)
No more Navajo?

nikaela marie said...

1)i love hearing about that island.
2)i am sure you can paint. everyone can. just pretend you are 5 years old and have no pressures on yourself.
3) i have some totally random kinda crazy news that i think you'd be intrested in.... i ll try to remember to email you in the next few days!
4) did he retreive the chapstick!?? magnet hearts and chapstick retreiver: what a man!


chloƩ said...

Lil, I changed it to the Marshall islands because it just made sense. :)

Nikaela, Ohh I'm very excited to hear this news! And yes, he saved the chopstick! And then I lost it. He reminds me about that sometimes.

Becca said...

rescuing your chapstick!

I love these.

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