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We spent Christmas with Jeff's family in a little town in eastern North Carolina that we both love. The town where I lived on my own for the first time. The place where my love grew up. Where his family has had a house on the water for a very long time with a view that I always forget about. Christmas morning was spent sipping coffee on the dock, watching the water, and listening to cousins shoot at floating pinecones with bb guns.
What is funny is how much Savannah feels like my home now. It is the place I get homesick for. I like it this way.


Lilly Grace said...

Beautiful pictures Chloe. Looks like a lovely, relaxing Christmas!

nikaela marie said...

you are so soooooooo beautiful! holy smokes.


ANGELICA! said...

i just spent a very long time reading your entire blog (really!) and i must say that i think you are very lovely and you seem so kind and i love reading about your adventures with jeff and married life in general, husbands are so nice, aren't they? i also love your hair, i also have very curly hair that is long (like yours used to be) i wish i had the guts to cut mine as short as yours, because it is absolutely the cutest and most beautifulest hair ever. yay for curly hair! anyways, sorry i stalked you all the way to the very beginning of your blog, i hope you don't think it is creepy :) i just thought i would say hello! so...hello!

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