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IMG 3231

IMG 3238

IMG 3233

IMG 3245

IMG 3232

Look at Savannah these days...I'm so proud. It's turning into a foggy, multi-colored, acorn covered wonderland.

Side Note: Sooo...let's just say, I have been busier with school than I would like to be. And I have a cold. And I have been wishy washy with decision making in terms of my education. But I am excited about next semester at school and the holidays are so so close. The fall foliage only makes me happier.


p.s. This adorable man has a birthday today. He taught me so many things and I miss him everyday. Happy Birthday, Dad!!! xoxo


melissa said...

These photos are AMAZING. Seriously. Makes me want to visit Savannah even more (haven't been yet!)

And.... I am so with you on school. I'm a semester and 1/3 away from graduating so I'm like GAH, but it's all for the best........right? Haha

O'Melly said...

Omgosh your trees still have leaves! Not here!

Kay Heritage said...

It takes a while but so lovely when the trees turn beautiful red and yellow here in Savannah.....beautiful post!

janis said...

I'm in love with the first and third photo - so pretty!!

Becca said...

oh so creepy and pretty! I love savannah.

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