My cutie pie dad in the early 70s. In case anyone was wondering where my hair came from...
Old Chloé Family 44
Old Chloé Family 43
Old Chloé Family 42
Old Chloé Family 13Old Chloé Family 15
In middle school all the kids asked me if I was mixed because of my hair.


Becca said...

his name is henry??

that is my absolute most favorite name ever.

it's so funny, too, about the hair.
ha ha ha

sara said...

amazing! i love seeing old photos of my parents and realizing "ohhhh! that's where i got that from!"

mom said...

Can I marry him again!? Oh yeah, I don't need to! Isn't he just the cutest!? I only wish I had known him all my life.

chloé said...

MOM, you're the best. <3

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