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This weekend was especially good because:
We walked to a wonderful place and shared an enormous cinnamon roll slathered with cream cheese & raisins The park was bustling because there was a marathon going on I found a little owl for $4 at an antique store after church. We had baked potatoes topped with homemade chili two nights in a row (and we made these brownies, and we bought Christmas cookie ice cream !!)
I was a good student and got more homework done than I thought possible between all of those fun things.  And the weather is still treating me oh so right.


AgentOutlaw said...

Chloe'... your blog makes me a happy daddy! I miss you guys! Wish we could spend a weekend like that together.

Love, Dad

janis said...

You are darling. It is an art - squeezing homework in between all sorts of fun stuff (not sure if I'm always the best at it!)

ps. I'd like to have your hair rrrreal bad!

demetrocles said...

that picture of you is sooooo cute! and your dads comment, i'm just dying.

Becca said...

aw, so happy! I love you guys. This is a perfect weekend and I'm glad you got work done as well.

Kylie said...

you are adorable. love love love the style.

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