alton brown, i think i love you




I was looking for a recipe for cocoa brownies the other day since I didn't have any chocolate chips and found this recipe from Alton Brown. SO MUCH COCOA GOODNESS. They are rich and dense and moist and everything that I dream about a brownie being. I tried cutting them into tiny bits so that I could eat a whole one without feeling too bad about it. But I think they're worth every calorie consumed.


Demetria Provatas said...

those are seriously the most delicious looking brownies i've ever seen ever. ever. i can only aspire to make some that look THAT tasty one day.

ChloƩ said...

When you come visit I will make these and so much more! I was just talking to Jeff about how much I would like a Demetria Sleepover. :D

Demetria Provatas said...

That sounds so wonderful! Fall break is approaching soo soon too!

Anonymous said...

i love baking brownies also!

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