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Between watching Whale Rider and The Endless Summer, eating coconut frozen yogurt, and spending every spare minute reading*, my love for summer is resurfacing. Thosepictures of Demetria in Greece have contributed as well. I want to go swimming!!!

We are picking up the keys to our new apartment tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! But we'll be slowly moving everything for a couple weeks. I may have already tried talking Jeff into camping out in the half empty new place.

I tried out a new pizza dough recipe last night. It was so easy and quick. Recipe. Picture.

* I finished reading The History of Love (loved it so much I didn't understand why it was ending when I got to the last page.) and started reading Crossing to Safety.


nikaela marie said...

i like you.
i like the photos of your weekend a lot!


ps. we are coming to your neck of the woods the first weekend in July! hee! maybe you could recomend some resturants etc...?


Cait said...

I've been reading like a crazy person too! Every time I leave the library I feel like Matilda (except I pile up the books in the passenger seat of my car, not a cute little wagon)It must be the weather!

Jenna said...

the history of love has been on my list of books to read for a while! i'm glad you liked it, it will be the next one i read. xx
by the way, i love the new layout--so clean and crisp. love!

chloé said...

What what NIkaela?! You're coming to Savannah? You know this means we have to meet right? I will email you with some of my favorite places.

Becca said...

moving and homemade pizza!?!

this looks wonderful.

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