i loved this week.

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IMG 2342

IMG 2344
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IMG 2318
Got a letter in the mail from Greece
Picked up keys to the new apartment. 
{stared at the wood floors + fireplaces. watched the sunlight dance.} 
Went to a SCAD fashion show where a friend was showing off her collection.
Drove around at dusk with Jeff and a cherry limeade.

This all happened before Friday. It was a good week.


M. said...

woah, that IS a good week.

here's hoping your weekend was lovely as well.

Becca said...

fun stuff!
was it lara's show?
that sounds wonderful :)

chloé said...

Becca, yes it was Lara's show! It was really fun. I sort of went with Caroline, and I finally met / talked to Meagan! I bet she is such a fun roommate.

nikaela marie said...

yeeeeeyayyyyy!! what happened next? after friday?

are you moved in?

it looks like the most gorgeous apartment.


chloé said...

ha, nikaela. after friday was boring. i took the SAT for school and then read and watched movies. it was hot hot hot.

we are not moved in just yet. hopefully we can start sleeping there in about a week. they are doing some minor repairs and cleaning up the place first. but i cannot wait!!!!!

meg said...

Just found your blog, and I love it (: Letters in the mail really are the best!

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