change of plans

Our plans for this weekend were to go to the movies and a church picnic.

Instead, we spent one evening at an urgent care and two days in the hospital. Jeff's horrible stomach pains were dismissed as indigestion at the urgent care. The next morning we were in the ER being told he had classic symptoms for appendicitis. After 14 hours of sitting in the hospital, his appendix was out. Then his parents came to town. They sat in the hospital with me while he recovered and did nice things like secretly washing the dishes. Now we're home - hanging out with netflix, mashed potatoes, and vicodin.

This is actually Jeff's second surgery since we've been married. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in December last year and had to have surgery and a round of chemo to fix it. Those were not fun times. We've been blessed to catch things early so they don't get too bad. God is so good to us. I have so much respect for people who are going through chemotherapy and somehow have the ability and strength to alternate between that and everyday life.

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We do not plan to get any more familiar with the hospital here. Thanks, family, for praying! xoxo


AbbieBabble said...

Oh, dear! I'm glad things are okay now, but I'm sorry your weekend was no fun!

Lauren said...

We love you very much!

M. said...

wow. i'm glad things have taken a turn for the better. I'll be praying for ya'll.


Becca said...

oh man. that stinks!
so, so glad he's feeling better.

[anna] said...

phew. what a weekend. when a family member gets sick, your perspective definitely changes about so many things! so glad he is on the mend.


Anonymous said...

We love you guys! You are in our prayers... many answers to prayer already. You have a wonderful perspective. Keep the faith!

Dad & Mom

nikaela marie said...

oh my. i can't believe you guys have been through all that. this weekend and this year. you are so strong and brave and i will pray.
blessings from here.


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