family. minus lauren.

IMG 2444

They came to help us move last weekend (which was beyond helpful. Not sure how it would have gotten done without them.). When we weren't hauling furniture up and down three flights of stairs, we were having al fresco dinners, watching Up, eating boiled peanuts (and frozen yogurt, and krispy kreme, and popcorn, and pumpkin bread...) and squealing with excitement about the new place.

Miss 'em already. Like I always do!

IMG 2439

IMG 2447

IMG 2440

Last picture: Favorite. A candid shot Jeff took in between the posing. Leah, I miss your face.


nikaela marie said...

beautiful family.

Leah said...

I miss your face too. I wish I didn't accidentally make that face so much.

Nell said...

Such a gorgeous bunch. Families rock xx

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