Old Chloé Family 14

you are handsome and funny.
thanks for taking me camping and teaching me how to surf.
i can't imagine a better dad.

p.s. sorry I used to roll my eyes at you. you were right. all those times.


Anonymous said...

My dear Chloe',

You bless me beyond measure. I only wish that time could stand still (or at least slow down considerably) sometimes. Camping and surfing were more fun with you girls than I ever had without you! I am rich beyond measure because of you girls!

May the good Lord bless you and Jeff the way He has blessed me!



Jillian said...

Your hair is amazing.

Becca said...

OMG is that little chloe in the background?

I LOVE her fro.

chloƩ said...

Yep, that is mah hurr. It was a pretty ridiculous fro back in the day. Gotta love it.

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