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I want to go to Paris. I am pretty sure that even the ugly things are nice there. My dad went on a trip to Europe with my granddad before he married my mom (is that right dad?). I love these pictures from their trip, especially the second one. I think it would be pretty blown up.

Jeff and I have been talking about taking a fancy trip sometime (maybe after I graduate) and I am already daydreaming about it. Jeff lived in England when he was in middle school (and here; he has been so lucky!) so he has traveled around Europe a little, but I have never been. So for the next four years, I will be "looking into" places that I would like to visit which I think will greatly help motivate me to finish my education.


M. said...

oh my word, i think we're the same person.
I have the biggest travel itch, and sometimes when I'm really struggling with a paper or an interview or something I think about how once I finish school this world's my oyster.

here's hoping, friend.

Becca said...

aw, so gorgeous.
I love the link you shared, and I can totally see you guys traveling around together. it's the perfect time for it!

sara said...

i think you're right, even the ugly things are pretty in paris! i want to go badly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

You are correct... dad and I went after I graduated college and before your mom and I were married, in April 1986 to be exact. Notice the wet pavement??? Cool and wet much of the time, but the scenery was beautiful... countryside and architecture in the city. Dad also took me to Omaha Beach, where he landed two weeks after the D-Day invasion, an incredible sight and place to contemplate what took place there some 42 years earlier... of all those who gave their lives in WWII the greatest generation as they say!

Anonymous said...

have you ever been thought of Austria? You would love this country, I'm sure!

Ivana said...

You should visit Croatia too!!

carlotta said...

I went to Paris last year for the first time, and ohmysweetgoodness it was surreal. Cross my fingers that you can go soon!

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