I am sewing another tank. Listening to Edith Piaf. Drinking iced nutella lattes. And it's raining outside. If you want to feel fancy, listen to Edith Piaf while doing anything around the house.

In the mood to watch this movie. I think I just might. "That was a dumb move, Herman. A dumb move!"


nikaela marie said...

xo i like you. we should be pen pals.
(wierd comment?) have we gotten ourselves to the point where we can leave each other wierd comments?

ICED NUTELLA LATTE!!??? how does one make this? xxoo

chloƩ said...

ah! the only weird thing is that i have thought that you would make a good pen pal before you even suggested it. i think we've definitely reached weird comment status. i will email you my address. eeee!

so, iced nutella latte. it's so simple. i make about 4 shots of espresso/strong coffee, then add some sugar and a little dollop of nutella. mix it all together into the hot coffee. put some ice in a glass, pour the nutella coffee over the ice. pour milk over that until you've reached a good color/the top of the glass.

Bri said...

i'm making it a goal this summer to learn how to sew pretty tanks like this! any tips would be great :)

p.s. i love your new hair cut. you rock those curls! :)

Lauren said...

4 shots of espresso?! Wowsers, I've done my share of caffeine and now I'm sober. A dumb move! I'm comin mama, your baby's comin for ya...We have to watch that in September when we come to stay.

sara said...

um.. iced nutella lattes sound absolutely amazing. please share your secret.

chloƩ said...

Lauren, I make coffee in my espresso I guess it would be more like a cafe au lait. I am trying to cut back too! In fact, I just got over my two day caffeine withdrawal headache.

You are talking about It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world. I was talking about Charade. Let's watch both.

shannanj said...

lovely photos

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