Two trips to the bus. (vanilla hazelnut cream soda + dark chocolate latte with peppermint).  
Lots of thrifting.  
Three separte ice cream outings: two at the chocolate lounge (maple bacon ice cream + dark chocolate/gingerbread milkshake), one at the hop (nutella ice cream + salted caramel ice cream).  
Car dancing.  
So many good dinners including a salad with Ina's goddess dressing.  
Contra dancing. Leah taught me and brought me. I loved it!  
Baked this.  
Lunch dates with my dad.  Knitting dilemmas with my mom.  Brunch dates with Demetria.  
Lots and lots of driving.

*I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, but I didn't take any pictures. I also got to see my sister Lauren for a little bit. She made me good food and let me sleep on her couch after the wedding. I miss living near her.


Cait said...

oh my goodness this makes me want ice cream... and it isn't even 10am yet...

So glad you had fun with your family! I just love all of them.

Demetria Provatas said...

keep visiting!
and in one month from now i'll be visiting savannah :o

Sophie said...

these are the most beautiful photos! sounds like you had the best weekend! and yumm all the ice cream shots are making me crave it so bad! xx

sara said...

beautiful photos
and that drink in the first photo looks mouthwatering

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