I'm sick. Other than that though, I've been having a really good week for a few reasons.


Jeff has been taking care of me. He made me soup and bought me two bags of Ricola cough drops and coffee ice cream.

It's January and it's been about sixty degrees outside. Perfect for bundled strolling.

I am getting to know myself a little better lately. It's nice to see that my procrastination, indecisiveness, laziness, mood swings, over-thinking, and disappointment over dumb things are all caused by the one thing: I'm a perfectionist. Now that I know the root problem I can change it! I can already feel a difference in the tiniest of decisions I've started making.

AND, this weekend I am going back home to be in a friend's wedding, then stopping in Wilmington to see my big sister, and then to Asheville to visit my family again! I'm hoping that I will not die on the road.


Kim said...

ice cream and hot tea fixes everything! feel better soon :)

nikaela marie said...

hope you are feeling better! how was your weekend? xoxo

ps. my mumma is a perfectionist too. have you ever read about the ennegram? I have found it helpful! x

Ashley said...

Hope you feel better soon! I'm sick as well and it's just not fun at all... Have a safe and fun trip visiting family & friends =)

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