paris market



I have been wanting to go inside the Paris Market & Brocante ever since I first saw it downtown, but every time we passed it, it was either closed or we were on our way somewhere. So Jeff and I finally went in on Saturday after lunch. It is a cute little shop with all things paris including books, jewelry, candles, curtains and lamps, old fashioned candy, and, of course, cafe chairs!



They had perfect fall decorations and the entire front of the store smelled amazing due to their mini pumpkin potpourri that was for sale.


And the part I took home with me: a FLEUR de caramel. Creamy caramel with fleur de sel throughout, which opened up a whole new world of candy loving for me. So I plan to make these sometime in the future (because I trust Ina with all things Paris), and these (because I trust Olivia with all things brownie).


AbbieBabble said...

I love those cafe chairs- so cute! And fleur de sel caramels sound so perfect right now.

Nell said...

I love the look of this shop, it looks awesome! And the creamy caramel is actually making me dribble!! hehe xx

Laken said...

Gorgeous shop!
And I think I trust Ina with my life.

Ashley said...

What a lovely little shop! It looks so wonderful :)

Becca said...

Yay I'm glad you were courageous enough to take pictures in there!

olivia rae said...

Yay! I've been there - and love it (I posted pictures of it too)! It was the first shop we visited in Savannah and it gave us such a perfect introduction to the city!

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