a different point of view

On Saturday I got to see what Savannah looks like from a hotel rooftop. I think it is just as gorgeous from up high as it is from the sidewalks, but I prefer to be under the trees.

CrossProcessed Photo.jpeg




dulci said...

so lovely!


Becca said...

Wow! So pretty. Savannah doesn't have an ugly side.

Samantha Clarke said...

I'm in love with Savannah! amazing shots of it! : )

Jillian said...

I love these pictures, what kind of camera do you use?

ChloƩ said...

Thanks Jillian! I actually use the iPhone 4 for most of my pictures. And I used the Cross Process app for these. They have some really cool apps for photos. (and the new iphone actually takes as good pictures as our little canon point and shoot).

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