Married four years yesterday. This fourth year means we have been married longer than we dated. In some ways it felt like we dated forever. We became adults together. I like that I did not know myself before we were us because you got to see me figure it out. And I got to witness you grow too. Some advice I heard before we were married was to wait until our thirties to do such a serious and life altering thing because our brains wouldn’t be fully developed until the age of twenty four and that would give us some time to decide what our full-grown brained selves really wanted out of life. Being nearly twenty four now, and you nearly twenty six, I can see that they were right about our brains and about not knowing ourselves at the ages of nineteen and twenty one, but they were wrong also because instead of doing all that difficult business of Getting to Know Ourselves alone we got to do it together, which is about the most wonderful thought I can conjure up in my almost fully developed brain. 

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