2013 06 01 at 14 57 17

2013 06 01 at 15 09 31

2013 06 01 at 15 16 11

jeff took these photos and i love them (giraffes!!). if we ever move from california i think we will miss the zoo the most. 


demetria said...

Ahh they're so good! That koala whoa whoa. Jeff should start a blog too! hee.

Yelle said...

That koala! So cute and snuggly! I have not been to the zoo in so long. Reminds me that I ought to take a trip sooner rather than later.

querido diário said...

So sweet*

petal and plume said...

what beautiful animals. creation is amazing.

Faith said...

These are such great close-ups!

Anonymous said...


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