I think I will get in the water next time I'm at the beach. I'll walk in up to my knees and almost change my mind and then a swell will come and I will go for it. Maybe my body will get numb and hate me for doing it until a half hour later when my fingers are raisins and I'm finally used to it. I just want to know what it's like out there in our cold ocean. The only people not wearing wet suits are kids. They don't seem to mind the cold at all. 

p.s. pizza 


becca said...

such beautiful beautiful shots!
gosh I bet california is just the prettiest thing right now. I don't want to get in the water now either ;)

Yelle said...

gorgeous shots! i adore the food, so yummy looking.

meg said...

That. Pizza.
Amazing photos :)

Tin of tea said...

ohhh, being at the sea... wish i would live this soon!

Lauren said...

I remember when we couldn't wait for the chill of the ocean, now I freeze looking at it. I think the company we shared gave us "guts". The fact that Leah would whine made us go for it. Ha. Miss that.

querido diário said...

great photos :)

petal and plume said...

your blog is so beautiful it causes my heart to ache. never stop.

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