Summer arrived this weekend. Used book sale perusing, sewing, thrifting, coffee and cinnamon rolls with girl friends, Friday night drinks where our friend tends bar, porch dining, cleaning, car washing, iced lattes every morning, and a Thai dinner date night a few blocks from our house.

I haven't yet had a Californian summer. I arrived when the end was so close, the beaches were not crowded and there were only a few more weeks of shorts weather. I like seeing the season in the beginning stages, when there is some shift in everyone's personalities and daily lives that just makes me want to read in a hammock all day long with a layer of salt always on my arms.


Cait said...

Ummm... EVERYTHING about your weekend sounds like per.fec.tion. Ok, I could live without the cleaning & car washing (though I do love a clean house and a sparkling car) and I can't sew worth a darn... but everything else pretty much sums up all my favorite things in the world.

querido diário said...

those strawberries are making me so hungry,aahah
lovely pictures and lovely weekend there .D
here spring has arrived and i'm always smiling in a silly way!

Faith said...

Your home always looks so inviting! :) Enjoy the warmer weather!

demetriaprovatas said...

Your photos are turning out so nice and I'm happy you've found a little community of friends in California!

Lauren said...

I cannot wait to come visit!!! Mwah!

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the best part of summer: just doing lazy little things, and enjoying life. Btw, I love your blog title. It's adorable!!

petal and plume said...

GAH i adore your photos. the light, the colour, the mood. brilliant.

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