The view from the car is much different here. Eastern North Carolina and Savannah were filled with roads flanked by tall tall pines or grassy swamps, flat for as far as the eye could see. Just roads and forests. Roads and fields and swamps. In California from the road you can see something far below or high above at all times. You feel in the middle, surrounded. Even the interstates have pretty views of bodies of water that lap right up to hills, always with mountains in the distance. I can't imagine getting bored with the surroundings here; turn a corner and the landscape changes. I'm still getting used to all this beauty. I have to remind myself it is going to be just as beautiful tomorrow and the next day. 

p.s. The beach is the best place to get free pebbles for succulent drainage. Go at dusk and you're likely to see pelicans in flight, sailboats on the horizon, and old couples in love. 


Faith said...

ChloƩ, these are just gorgeous! My favorite part of visiting your state was driving along the coast. It's so beautiful there.

becca said...

this sounds like something worth seeing. I have long felt that if I visited california, there might be no going back.

Lindsay said...

awesome!! which camera do you use?

chloƩ said...

Lindsay, these were taken with a Pentax K1000 :)

Anna said...

Amazing pictures and beautiful storytelling as well. I will get a Pentax K1000 one day for sure, especially now after my Pentax Spotmatic broke down for the third time...

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