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These are my favorite pots. There are lots of them total and most of them do not look like this. But after spending an entire day in the studio last semester and really learning about the way my hands need to move to make these things even and symmetrical and thin, I did produce some bowls that I am proud of.

I want to know all about glazing because half the reason these are my favorite is because of the way the glaze came out. There is no telling what a piece will look like before it's fired. A bisque fired piece is dipped into a big vat of creamy goop and it stays white until the little glass crystals all melt together in the kiln and give it color and life. The process of making a piece and then taking the chance to maybe ruin it with glaze but maybe make it wonderful with glaze is a lot like developing film. I have something I care about and I just leave it somewhere for magic to happen and a while later I collect it and either it came out how I imagined or it didn't. Sometimes it turns out better than I imagined. The waiting and the collecting are the best, most rewarding feelings. The day I buy my own wheel and really get into this will be the best day.

p.s. Jeff glazed the bowl in the first picture. I love it. It was crunch time and he came to the studio to help me…a good husband.


Anita said...

How excellent. I've always wanted to learn how to make pottery! These are gorgeous!

Faith said...

These are truly beautiful!

29 said...

You made these! You should be so, so, SO proud - they are gorgeous.

I love the comparison to developing film - I can relate to that. Waiting and collecting are tooootally the best.


becca said...

pretty pretty pretty. I so love how much you love making these things.

demetriaprovatas said...

i love these! i hope making these is part of your future and jeff picked such nice colors.

Alison said...

making things with your own hands is so fun. I love feeling clay slide through my fingers. i feel the same way that you do about glazing, the mystery of it.

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