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An anniversary dinner. At home. Because it's been far too long since I was able to be in my kitchen for fun, with wine and music and a fridge full of ingredients. Note Jeff's face in the second photo. That is a first taste face. There was caramelized chicken with mushrooms sauteed in butter and white wine and herbs from the balcony. There was garlic mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus. And after a nap there was the best strawberry shortcake (mother's recipe), with fresh whipped cream with a cuppa night coffee. Over the weekend there was a date to see Casablanca in a theater downtown prefaced by coconut ice cream.

This past month I have been schooling furiously. I took a ceramics class and fell in love and I took a college algebra class and am happy to say I never have to take a math class again. I am patiently awaiting my grades. It is good to be back to regular life. Happy summertime!


becca said...

aw, such pretty food and good times.
how many years are you guys at, now?

Faith said...

I love Jeff's first taste face. :D Happy Anniversary to you both! Your home is so cute!

sara said...

love this post!

Darianne said...

Happy anniversary to you and Jeff! Everything looks great. Lovely pictures.

Katie said...

Happy anniversary! And your dinner looked divine! and I loved Jeff's first bit face, too cute.

nikaela marie said...

first taste face! :)

happy you blogged. happy anniversary my dear. xo

chloƩ said...

becca, it's been two years but it feels much longer and much shorter at the same time somehow. :)

thanks everyone!! xo

demetriaprovatas said...

yay yay! happy anniversary!! garlic mashed potatoes oh man.

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