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This weekend.

There were two outdoor movie nights in the park and sketching/ resumé writing in the park, surrounded by strangers' dogs. There was herb seed planting on the balcony and waking up to blueberry pancakes and looking forward to the end of my semester.

Right now the days are hot but the evenings cool down enough to make us lay our quilt half in the sun and half in the shade. We are at a funny place in our lives where we feel like we love where we are but it could change at any moment. So we have to be ready for new jobs/ new places/ new friends. It is all enough to make me happy to take a minute to sit in the grass and just be.


sara said...

oh i wish it was warm enough here for outdoor movie nights and sitting on the grass.
sounds like a nice weekend you had. blueberry pancakes are always good.

Milynn luong said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I love being able to lay out and just relax. Now only if there was a place here where they would show outdoor movies...

demetriaprovatas said...

whoawhoa secret tumblr i had no idea!
i've been sketching too! maybe we can share some via snail mail (mine look kind of like a kid did them)

chloé said...

hee! secret tumblr...it's just where i post my instagram pictures. :)
i was sketching for a sketchbook I had to turn in for my printmaking class. but i am not against receiving sketches in the mail. xo

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