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2011 07 19 at 17 46 42

I made a birthday breakfast at 5am. We ate it in the dark. It was early but I jumped out of bed at 5. I was excited for early morning birthday breakfast. We went for a walk in the evening and rented a movie. And poof! Jeff is 23!

For breakfast: berry smoothies. oj. eggs. bacon. biscuits. preserves.

For dinner: bacon pizza topped with bacon (per Jeff's request).
bacon. pesto. goat cheese. tomatoes. white cheddar. pepper flakes. more bacon. with lots of ranch on the side.

For dessert: these cheesecakes with lots of salted caramel on the side.


Bri said...

happy birthday to your hubby! homemade pizza for breakfast!?! you're the coolest wife ever :)

Bri said...

*sorry i meant dinner....woops me and my typos

Cait said...

This looks like such a perfect birthday celebration

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday Chloe'!

Love, Dad

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