the best of times

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Daytime adventures, nighttime cooking + movie watching. I could get used to this. Leah, please move to Savannah? We have made dinner every night together, watched a ton of movies, walked all over this beautiful city, done more blanket laying than usual, eaten lots of good things, and accidentally gotten tans.

p.s. I could start a weekly segment titled "Leah drinking from bottles" with all the pictures I have of this happening.


janis said...

This sounds absolutely beautiful. I love the combination of day-time adventures and cozy nights in cooking & making supper. I wish that was my life right now! xo

nikaela marie said...

heee! leah drinking from bottles!

i like it all.

is that tapioca in the fruit bowl? the yellow balls? what are they? ohhhhh that makes me want bubble tea so very much.

chloƩ said...

No tapioca, but the yellow balls are amazing little things that are filled with mango juice and pop in your mouth. The lady who worked there compared them to bubble tea! Also, the frozen yogurt flavor itself is Taro, which is some sort of Asian root that makes the BEST nutty flavored fro yo. Obviously I am glad you asked, I should have dedicated a whole post on this.

sara said...

great photos! looks like beautiful weather too, i am envious!

Becca said...


is leah your sister?

so adorable, chloe!

you guys have such good times!

Jenna said...

aw, i love your photos! you and your sister are so cute. Mmmm the pictures of yogurt make me want laberry so bad! we need a date asap.

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