what happens when jeff is out of town


I've been trying to make the best of Jeff being out of town on business (he's like a real grown up!) by doing things I don't normally do when he's here. So far, I've watched a lot of movies that I don't think he would appreciate. As far as food goes, it's just not as much fun to make things just for me when he's here too. So I have been eating lots of bananas. He hates them with a passion. I always forget to buy them at the store because he doesn't eat them with me.

So far this week I've had bananas with nutella, peanut butter, honey, in my oatmeal, in a smoothie, and again with nutella. I should have made banana bread too. Oh well, he comes home tonight, which is a much better thing than me being able to eat a lot of bananas.

*For anyone interested, all I did to make the smoothie was: slice a banana into chunks, add a teaspoon or so of nutella, a sprinkle of brown sugar, a splash of milk, and about a cup of ice. Throw it all together and be amazed at how easy it was and how delicious it is.


nikaela marie said...

hates bananas? whaaaattt?? oh dear, I thought i liked this guy. (JUST KIDDING!) but really how can you hate them, they are like cream!

I like them in milk with blueberries and granola.

what movies did you watch? good work being a grown up wife with your husband outta town. :)

happy friday! xx oo

chloƩ said...

@nikaela, I KNOW. Who hates bananas?? I am about to make granola! So I will have some with blueberries and bananas I think :)

I only watched instant movies on netflix (lazy).
I watched:

Any Wednesday (with Jane Fonda. Loooooved it. It reminded me of Barefoot in the Park, another favorite.)

Happenstance (with Audrey Tautou. More love.)

Sleepless in Seattle (for the millionth time.)

Stripes (with Bill Murray.)

Billy Elliot (Jeff had already seen it)

Protocol (with Goldie Hawn. She is the cutest.)

and Walk, Don't Run (with Cary Grant. Because it was a Cary Grant movie I hadn't seen :)

Kim said...

i'm so mad at myself... lately ive been eating that crap out of some bananas and nutella, but not in a smoothie. why have i not thought of this?! geniusssss!

Brittany said...

those look delicious and i had to stop by and tell you your blog is quite lovely and i'm going to have to become your newest follower! :)

little lady - www.brittanyst.blogspot.com

kitten roar said...

it's nice to have a little girl time sometimes! during the week when my boyfriend is at work is when i also watch movies he wouldn't appreciate and treat myself a little with self-manicures and such!

Becca said...

this is so funny, chloe.
I can just picture you, all smug with your chick flicks and banana craze.

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