because with all that's going on in the world...

the full size bed that jeff and i share suddenly seems like a luxury.

the fact that it is almost spring but already feels like summer seems like something to be thankful for instead of complain about (even when the air in my car doesn't work).

i appreciate things like grocery shopping/browsing with jeff. we always end up with treats (like coffee ice cream + edy's thin mint) when he's with me.

it feels amazing to be able to walk on warm bricks with my bare feet.


p.s. reading through these has also been making me very happy.



Gracia said...

I think right now it's VERY important that we appreciate what we have and how lucky we are.
And I hate to admit that I'm very jealous of your good weather. Don't you want to visit Spain for a month? I'll swap homes with you if you want!

Meg said...

This is a lovely post. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for all we have.

kitten roar said...

this is a very sweet post. it is very important to be conscious of some of the "little" things when places like Japan are in such tough times.

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