This weekend was so good, I don't think I could make it better if I tried. We (Jeff) finally fixed up our old bikes (!!!!!!!) which means we finally got to ride. We hung out at Starbucks a lot, because they had a buy-one-get-one-free holiday drink deal this weekend. Caramel apple spice has officially changed my life. I might have gotten it two days in a row and kept the cups for a while after so I could smell them. Go ahead and judge me.

We got mexican food and saw Harry Potter on Friday and I thought it was excellent! No one told me I looked like Hermione, but that is ok. Then we had a spontaneous Saturday night pizza date at Vinnie Van Go Go's. It felt like we went on so many dates this weekend. I loved it!! I made stew again on Sunday and I can't even remember how many bowls we ate.


*Also, I am getting too excited about stores playing Christmas music, holiday lights popping up along the streets, and Christmas commercials on tv. EEEEeeeeeee!


nikaela marie said...

I love the lights in the trees! your weekend sounds so delicious (mexican, pizza, stew, apple cinnamin) I like how lots of what you talk about is food!! ps. running out into the white to do errends now (will pick up a caramel apple spice! yipee!)
xx oo happy monday!

Gracia said...

My weekend consisted of Harry Potter watching and chicken soup slurping... I caught a nasty cold! I've seen the temps fall to the 50s at night here... I guess it's the season.
Now if only Starbucks carried holiday specials over here... :(

Becca said...

All that incredible food, and lovely little dates together...aww. Yay!

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